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About Us



The My Coral Buddies and Me (MCBM) Initiative is a set of activities that merge nature and knowledge to educate and inspire young people. MCBM shares key messages and scientific information about coral reefs using Caribbean cultural expressions through storytelling. The aim of the M.C.B.M project is to enlighten the next generation on the importance of our marine environment and how they are connected to it to inculcate sustainable lifestyles.


Why is this important?

The Caribbean islands are on the frontlines of the climate crisis and one of the most valuable, yet at-risk marine ecosystems to climate change are our reefs. Also, our own human activities such as coastal development, plastic pollution and waste negatively impact these beautiful underwater habitats. In order for real strides to be made and sustained in the preservation and regeneration of our reefs and marine life nature-based solutions driven by data and technology must be adopted along with a shift towards a greater connection with nature.



Sustainable Seas and Caribbean Identity

MCBM Initiative seeks to create content and products that educate Caribbean children and young adults through engaging and relatable material about coral reefs in a way that reflects their identity and lived experience. Caribbean people have a deep relationship with the sea and its sustainability is intertwined with our own survival and livelihood. Using MCBM as a platform to reinforce the symbiotic relationship between humans and the ocean is our contribution towards a safe and just future.