Coral Buddies Books

The My Coral Buddies and Me (MCBM) initiative is a set of activities that merge nature and knowledge to educate and inspire young people. One of these activities is our unique, colourful book collection for children aged 4+. These books are filled with colourful images, activities and vibrant Caribbean stories to provide not only entertainment but educational benefits.

My Coral Buddies and Me “Cricket Calamity”


Cricket Calamity takes readers on another under the Caribbean ocean adventure with the Coral Buddies gang. The coral buddies are playing a game of cricket when a massive six takes the corals in search of the ball to a section of the reef they have never been before. This leads to a messy discovery and the coral buddies have to enlist some help from friends.

MCBM Cricket Calamity is a free comic e-book written by award-winning Barbadian author Shakirah Bourne. The comic e-book combines scientific information with authentic Caribbean culture and storytelling so children can relate to the marine environment and feel empowered to be a part of the environmental action in Barbados and across the Caribbean region. 

My Coral Buddies and Me “Activity Book”

My Coral Buddies and Me is a publication of BGI, written by BGI’s Co-Founder Sen. Crystal Drakes, and illustrated by One Media Solution Services. The children’s book is aimed to increase the awareness and education of children about the marine environment, specifically the role of coral reefs in maintaining healthy oceans. The book’s coral characters Brainy Bob, Earl Elk, Samantha, Starlight, Fire Fred, and Polly Polyp shed light on the importance of coral reefs to other marine species and humans and their challenges, such as climate change. Activities in the book include Name the Coral, Find the Underwater Words, and Connect the Coral.

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